Electric toothbrushes have been around for several years, but recently, people have started asking questions about the capabilities of electric toothbrushes. There are numerous misconceptions around whether an electric toothbrush has more power than manual brushes or is the same. Recently, more and more people in the cities are trying to learn more about the truth of these myths and are willing to try them out. If you are looking for electric toothbrushes for your family, always remember to choose those with soft bristles. You can also find electric toothbrushes for kids made to remove stubborn plaque fast but gently.

Misconception 1: An Electric Brush has the Same Plaque Removal Capability as a Manual Brush

One can achieve optimal oral health through rigorous plaque removal using a manual toothbrush and an effective brushing technique. However, modern electric brushes like the Colgate electric toothbrushes feature advanced brush head and bristle designs. Various clinical trial models have consistently established that power brushes remove more plaque than manual brushes. Additionally, the automatic toothbrush for kids is 5x better at plaque removal than manual toothbrushes.

Misconception 2: Electric Toothbrushes Increase the Risk of Mouth Injuries like Tooth Abrasion and Gum Recession

Electric toothbrushes have soft bristles and are built for increased effectiveness. Evidence suggests that power toothbrushes need less force (80 to 190 g/f), while manual brushes need 250 g/f on average. Thus, the decreased use of force suggests a lesser risk of gingival injuries, tooth abrasion, and gum recession. Modern electric brushes use pressure sensors to diminish the risk of abrasion.

Misconception 3: Electric Toothbrushes are for People with Special Dental Needs

Most people think that electric toothbrushes are aimed towards people with specific needs, such as children, patients with dental implants, and orthodontic patients. People with fixed orthodontic brackets benefit from the flexibility of an electric brush and displayed gingivitis improvement. These results are attributed to the increased power, which is why oral hygienists and dental professionals are increasingly recommending people to use electric toothbrushes over traditional ones.

Misconception 4: Only Expensive Electric Toothbrushes Yield Results

The electric toothbrush market offers a wide variety of products with modifications in the brush head and bristle designs. Traditionally, power toothbrushes were expensive, but the introduction to cheaper and more effective brushes have revolutionized the industry. More and more people are considering replacing manual brushes with electric ones. The electric brushes offer advanced features along with oscillating and ultrasonic designs. 

You need a brush that sustains you, adds to your dental hygiene, and blends with your daily routine. Most electric toothbrushes come in travel-friendly containers, are the same size as manual brushes, and are battery-operated. Thus, choose an effective brush and keep up your dental hygiene!