Does making your child brush their teeth cost you blood, sweat, and tears every time?

Well, if brushing seems like an obligatory task to your child, they are less likely to do it at all. Kids don’t have a soft spot for obligations, but for fun, they do.

So, if your child is three years of age or older, here’s some good news for you!

If you wish to make brushing your child’s second nature, it’s time to invest in an Electric Brush for Kids. Studies show that electric toothbrushes are more efficient than regular ones for removing plaque and maintaining oral hygiene.

Indian Dental Association has also asserted that Electric Toothbrushes are a fine alternative to manual ones. So, you can put an end to your apprehensions and replace your kid’s manual toothbrush with a Colgate electric toothbrush.

If you are having qualms about introducing the electric toothbrush in your kid’s dental hygiene journey, here are key tips to get you started.

  • Present it as a gift!

  • Apart from helping kids to practice good oral health care, Colgate electric toothbrushes look very attractive. Depending on your kid's choice, you can buy them a themed electric brush and present it to them wrapped in a lovely gift paper. Kids appreciate gifts more than something being imposed on them.

  • Make brushing fun instead of a chore.

  • Kids enjoy role-playing. With their favourite themed kids' electric toothbrush, you can weave stories or create a fun situation or make it a game with rewards to entice them. You can then easily make them brush their teeth as a part of their role-playing activity.

  • Be a role model instead of a preacher.

  • If you just preach to your child about practising good dental care and conveniently ignore it yourself, even the best electric brush for kids will fail to create the magic you aspire for your child.

    So, brush together with your child. When they see you doing it the right way, they will inadvertently follow you and get used to using the toothbrush (electrical) without a hitch.

  • Be patient.

  • In all likelihood, your child will appreciate the Colgate electric toothbrush, as it looks attractive and is super easy to use. Nonetheless, if your kid gives you a hard time at the inception, be gentle with them. 

    Unduly pressuring them will make them fussy and averse to leveraging the umpteen benefits that the electric toothbrush offers.

  • Endorse the upsides.

  • After you introduce the electric toothbrush to your kiddo, endorse its benefits but without making it sound like a boring lesson. Subtly, you can bring your child’s attention to how easily and speedily they can brush their teeth with their new dental care mate. 

    Appreciate their teeth becoming cleaner and their smile getting prettier with the fuss-free electric toothbrush!

    Before getting started with your child, read the basic guidelines on using the electric toothbrush and make the dental care routine a fun activity that both you and your kid will thoroughly enjoy.