Are Electric/Battery Toothbrushes Better for Kids

Keeping your kid’s teeth healthy is a priority. Kids have perpetually been more susceptible to cavities due to poor teeth hygiene and more consumption of junk food and sweets. On top of this, if your kids hate brushing their teeth, it’s double trouble. 

How about making brushing teeth fun for your kids? Can you make brushing teeth not boring? whether a manual or electric toothbrush is better for your kid. Colgate’s new range of kids' electric toothbrushes could help you. Kids are always attracted to new things. Replacing their boring toothbrush with a kid's electric toothbrush can get their attention. The electric toothbrushes are battery-operated and are totally safe to use under supervision. 

If you are parents and worried about your child's oral hygiene then don't worry. Here are 5 reasons your child would love Colgate’s new range of kids battery/electric toothbrushes:

  • Kids look forward to brushing

An electric toothbrush will interest your kids. They would look forward to brushing more than ever. When kids look forward to brushing, they will happily be inclined towards brushing their teeth twice daily. The day will not be far when you no longer have to ask your kid to brush their teeth. They will do it on their own. 
  • Makes brushing easy

Colgate’s electric brushes have soft bristles and are battery-powered. This makes it convenient for kids to use them on their own. Kids will be interested to learn proper brushing techniques with the exciting powered bristles feature, ensuring an effective clean every morning.

  • Offer better oral hygiene

Electric toothbrushes are more efficient in cleaning teeth as compared to traditional toothbrushes. The oscillating head with varying speeds helps kids clean teeth better without much effort. 

  • Come in playful looks and colors

The Colgate kids' electric toothbrushes are character-themed and come in a variety of colors that makes kids attracted to them. Colgate has character-themed toothbrushes for both boys and girls like Barbie, Disney, Batman-themed Kids electric/battery toothbrushes, and more. 

The Colgate electric toothbrush is suitable for kids of age above 3 such that your kids fall in love with the very thought of brushing their teeth (from the beginning).

If you think your kid is getting over their favourite electric toothbrush, you can replace them with a new attractive one. Also, for optimal oral hygiene, dentists suggest replacing your brush head every 3 months.  

  • It’s easy to use toothpaste

The Colgate kids’ electric toothbrush also comes with an automatic touch dispenser. This means your kid would no longer need you to put toothpaste on their brush. They just keep their electric toothbrush beneath the automatic toothpaste dispenser. With a tap of a button, an electric toothbrush starts, and kids can brush their teeth effortlessly. 

This also adds a sense of accomplishment to the kids as they are able to brush their teeth totally on their own without any help.